RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070 Which one is Amazing


NVIDIA’s continuous strides in GPU innovation have sparked a palpable buzz around the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti. In this article, we aim discuss RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070, providing a detailed analysis from the official announcement to determine which option offers better value for its price. The 30-series graphics card has already established itself in the market by delivering excellent performance at an affordable price point.

The battle between the RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070 is highly anticipated as NVIDIA continues to push the boundaries of GPU innovation. In this article, we will delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two graphics cards RTX 4060 ti vs RTX 3070, examining their specifications, performance, price, and potential impact on the mid-range market.

Now, let’s explore how the RTX 4060 Ti measures up against the potential of the new Ada Lovelace offering. By analyzing the available data, we can paint a clearer picture of what to expect from these two formidable components.

SpecsRTX 4060 TiRTX 3070
Architecture AD106GA104
Cuda Cores4352    5888
Texture Units160      184
Raytracing Cores32        46
Base Clock2310 MHz       1500 MHz
Boost Clock2535 MHz       1730 MHz       
Memory8 GB GDDR6 / 16GB GDDR68 GB GDDR6 
Memory Interface128-bit256-bit
TDP160W  220W  

Specs Comparison: RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070

When it comes to the core specifications, the RTX 4060 Ti boasts 4352 cores, a formidable number that falls slightly short of the RTX 3070’s impressive 5888 cores. However, the story doesn’t end there. The RTX 4060 Ti is rumored to have higher clock speeds, with a base clock of 2310 MHz and a boost clock of 2535 MHz, surpassing the RTX 3070’s 1500 MHz base clock and 1730 MHz boost clock.

In terms of memory, both GPUs offer a substantial 8GB. It’s worth noting that the RTX 3070 utilizes GDDR6X memory, which theoretically enables higher bandwidth compared to the GDDR6 memory expected in the RTX 4060 Ti.

One interesting aspect to consider in the case of RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070 is the thermal design power (TDP). The RTX 4060 Ti shines in this area, boasting a TDP of 160W, making it a more energy-efficient option than the RTX 3070, which has a TDP of 220W. This can be a significant factor for environmentally-conscious consumers and those who want to keep their energy bills in check.

Price Comparison RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070

When it comes to pricing, the RTX 4060 Ti has an advantage. The official announcement reveals that it offers a more wallet-friendly option compared to the RTX 3070. The 8GB model of the RTX 4060 Ti comes with an MSRP of $399, while the 16GB option is priced at $499. In contrast, the RTX 3070 had an initial price of $499 at launch.

The lower price point, combined with the support for Ray Tracing 3.0 and DLSS 3.0, makes the RTX 4060 Ti highly attractive to gamers who seek a balance between cost and the ability to experience the latest gaming technologies. If the RTX 4060 Ti lives up to its promised features, it could be the perfect choice for those who want a taste of next-gen gaming without breaking the bank.

Performance Expectations

Anticipation for the performance capabilities of the RTX 4060 Ti is high, especially when compared to the RTX 3070. Despite the RTX 3070’s respectable architecture, the RTX 4060 Ti, with its newer architecture, is expected to deliver a more potent punch, thanks to its DLSS 3.0 capabilities.

DLSS 3.0, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, has been a transformative feature in gaming, significantly enhancing performance in compatible games without requiring top-tier hardware. This is where the RTX 4060 Ti’s superior cores truly shine.

What’s intriguing is that comparisons between the RTX 4070 and the RTX 3080 have shown that the former, despite having seemingly inferior hardware, can outperform the latter when DLSS 3.0 is enabled. This suggests that the RTX 4060 Ti could potentially deliver superior ray tracing performance despite certain hardware limitations, demonstrating impressive performance levels within the Ada Lovelace architecture.


Final Thoughts In the grand scheme of GPU evolution, the RTX 4060 Ti appears poised to make a significant impact in the mid-range market. This GPU is expected to surpass its predecessor, the RTX 3070


Is RTX 4060 Ti better than the 3070?

The Answer is not Rather simple if you are using any 3000s GPU just Skip this 4000s Generation as per dollar performance these GPUs are terrible, if you are considering buying new one go for 4060ti.