tulasi laptop review
tulasi laptop review
  1. tulasi laptop review
  2. tulasi laptop review

Tulasi Laptop review: A Perfect Laptop Under 300 Dollars

  • Product Feel
  • Build Quality
  • Conectivity
  • Display
  • Battery
  • Storage
4.7/5Overall Score

If you're looking for an affordable laptop that can perform all basic computer tasks smoothly while also being ultra-portable thanks to its lightweight design; then look no further. The Tulasi Laptop is an excellent choice at under $300!

  • Brand: Tulasi
  • Series: Tulasi T Series
  • Screen Size: 14 Inches
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD
  • Ram: 12GB LPDDR4
  • CPU Model: Celeron N4120
  • CPU Cores: Quad-Core
  • Display Type: IPS
  • Display Resulotion: Full HD 1920 * 1080
  • GPU Type: iGPU
  • iGPU Model: Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Wifi: 2.4G/5G
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Webscam: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 34.2 Wh
  • Affordable
  • Full HD IPS Display
  • 5G Wifi
  • 256 GB SSD Storage
  • 12GB LPDDR4 Ram
  • 2 USB 3.0 Ports
  • Less known brand
  • Build quality is okay
  • 6 hours battery backup


Are you in search of an affordable laptop that can cater to all your needs? Look no further! The Tulasi Laptop is the perfect solution for students, professionals and anyone who wants a reliable computer without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive Tulasi Laptop review – discussing its design, performance, battery life and more. Read on to discover why this budget-friendly laptop might just be exactly what you need.

Design and Display

The design of the Tulasi Laptop is sleek and modern, with a slim profile that makes it easy to carry around. The laptop features a 14-inch IPS display that offers vibrant colors and sharp images, making it perfect for streaming movies or working on creative projects.

One of the standout features of this laptop’s display is its anti-glare coating, which helps to reduce eye strain even when using the laptop for extended periods of time in bright environments. The screen also has an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080  pixels, ensuring clear visuals even when multitasking.

In terms of build quality, the Tulasi Laptop feels sturdy and well-made. It has a durable plastic chassis that can withstand everyday wear and tear without showing signs of damage or wear. The keyboard is comfortable to type on with decent spacing between keys and good tactile feedback.

The design and display are two areas where the Tulasi Laptop really shines. Its modern look combined with excellent viewing experience make this budget-friendly device a great option for students or anyone who needs an affordable yet reliable computing solution.

Ports and Connectivity

When it comes to ports and connectivity, the Tulasi Laptop does not disappoint. It has all the essential ports that you might need for your daily use.

On the left side of the laptop, you will find a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port to connect external displays, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack. On the right side of the laptop, there is another USB 3.0 port along with an SD card reader.

The Tulasi Laptop also supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to stay connected even on-the-go without any hassle.

Moreover, this laptop comes with an Ethernet port which makes it easy for users who prefer using wired internet connection instead of wireless ones.

The Tulasi Laptop’s array of ports and connectivity options make it versatile and highly desirable in today’s tech-driven world where staying connected is paramount.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad of the Tulasi laptop are impressive. The keys on the keyboard are well-spaced, which makes typing easy and comfortable. The keys have a good travel distance that provides an excellent tactile feedback to fingers when they press them.

Additionally, the keyboard has backlighting, making it possible to type in poorly lit environments comfortably. This feature is particularly helpful for people who prefer working late at night or early morning hours.

On the other hand, the touchpad is responsive and accurate. Its smooth surface ensures that your finger glides effortlessly across it while providing precise cursor control.

Moreover, you can use multi-finger gestures on the touchpad like scrolling through web pages or zooming into images with ease. It’s worth mentioning that both the keyboard and trackpad help in improving productivity by allowing users to work more efficiently without straining their hands or wrist muscles.

I am impressed with how Tulasi designed this laptop’s input system – from its backlit keyboard to its responsive touchpad- all these features make typing and navigating through Windows very pleasant for users!

tulasi laptop review


When it comes to performance, the Tulasi Laptop doesn’t disappoint. It is equipped with an Intel Celeron processor that can handle everyday tasks with ease, such as browsing the web, editing documents and streaming videos.

The laptop also features 12GB of RAM which allows for smooth multitasking without any lag or slowdown. You won’t have to worry about your laptop freezing up while you’re working on multiple programs at once.

Tackle your daily tasks easily and quickly with the performance of a Intel Gemini Lake Quad-Core Processor, 4M cache, Base Frequency 1.1 GHz Burst Frequency 2.60 GHz, built-in Intel UHD Graphics 600, Support 4K@60Hz. Easily and quickly accomplish your daily tasks with the Intel Gemini Lake Quad-Core Processor, 4M Cache, 1.1 GHz Base Frequency, 2.60 GHz Burst Frequency, Intel UHD Graphics 600, and support for 4K@60Hz.

In terms of storage, the Tulasi Laptop comes with a 256GB SSD drive. While this may not be enough for those who need a lot of space for large files or applications, it’s more than enough for basic use like storing documents and music.
The Tulasi Laptop offers good performance for its price point making it a solid choice for anyone in need of an affordable laptop that can handle everyday tasks well.

tulasi laptop review

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most crucial aspects of any laptop, and the Tulasi Laptop does not disappoint in this area. With its powerful battery capacity, you can enjoy uninterrupted productivity for hours on end.

The Tulasi Laptop’s battery provides impressive power backup that can last up to 8 hours with moderate use. This makes it a perfect choice for professionals who work long hours or students who need to attend classes without worrying about their laptop’s battery dying.

Moreover, the Tulasi Laptop comes with a fast-charging feature that allows you to charge your device quickly when time is of the essence. This means you don’t have to waste too much time charging your laptop before heading out.

The Tulasi Laptop’s long-lasting battery life ensures that you get ample time to complete important tasks without having to worry about running out of charge. So if you are looking for a reliable and efficient laptop with an excellent battery backup, then look no further than the Tulasi Laptop!

Operating System and Software

The Tulasi Laptop comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system, making it easy and familiar for those who are accustomed to using Microsoft products. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive, allowing for seamless navigation through the various programs and applications.

In terms of software, the Tulasi Laptop includes several useful tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This makes it an ideal machine for students or professionals who need access to productivity tools on-the-go.

Additionally, the laptop also comes equipped with antivirus software to keep your device protected from any potential threats. The inclusion of this software saves you both time and money in having to purchase separate antivirus protection.

One downside is that there may be some bloatware installed on the device out-of-the-box. However, these can easily be uninstalled if they are not needed or wanted by the user.

The operating system and included software make the Tulasi Laptop a great choice for those who value simplicity and functionality in their computing devices.

Pricing and Availability

The Tulasi laptop is an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on performance and features. Priced at 285.63$, this device offers great value for money with its impressive specs and sleek design.

Availability of the Tulasi laptop may vary depending on your location. However, you can easily purchase it online through various e-commerce sites such as Amazon or drectly from the manufacturer’s website.

One of the best things about the Tulasi laptop is that it offers a premium computing experience at an affordable price point. With its powerful processor, ample storage space, and full HD display, this device can handle most everyday tasks with ease.

Compared to other laptops in its price range, the Tulasi model stands out with its high-quality build materials and attention to detail. It also comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Home edition, which means you don’t have to spend extra money on purchasing an operating system separately.

If you’re looking for a reliable yet wallet-friendly laptop option that doesn’t skimp on features or quality construction, then look no further than the Tulasi laptop.

What Other Customers Are Saying About the Tulasi Laptop review

The Tulasi Laptop has received mixed reviews from customers. Some have praised its affordability and performance, while others have criticized its build quality.

One satisfied customer stated that the laptop exceeded their expectations in terms of speed and overall performance. They also appreciated the large storage capacity, which allowed them to store plenty of files without having to constantly delete or transfer data.

However, some customers had issues with the keyboard and touchpad, stating that they were difficult to use and not very responsive. One user even reported having to replace their entire keyboard after just a few months of use.

Another common complaint was about the build quality. A number of users reported experiencing issues with cracked screens or broken hinges within a short period of time.

Despite these criticisms, many customers still found the Tulasi Laptop to be a great value for its price point. It’s important to keep in mind that every user may have different needs and preferences when it comes to laptops, so it’s always best to do your own research before making a purchase decision.


After thoroughly reviewing the Tulasi Laptop, it’s clear that this is a great option for those looking to buy a laptop without breaking the bank. The design and display are impressive, as well as its keyboard and touchpad. Its performance is more than satisfactory considering its price point.

Although the battery life isn’t outstanding compared to some higher-priced laptops on the market, it still holds up well enough for everyday use. Furthermore, with Windows 10 and various software pre-installed, you’re ready to go right out of the box.

If you’re looking for an affordable laptop that can perform all basic computer tasks smoothly while also being ultra-portable thanks to its lightweight design; then look no further. The Tulasi Laptop is an excellent choice at under $300!

Q: Who Makes Tulasi Laptops?

Answer: Tulasi Technologies Inc.
Tulasi Technologies is based in Hyderabad, India, and since its inception has experienced tremendous growth.

Q: Is Tulasi Laptop Good?

Answer: Yes
Tulasi Laptops are good if we consider the pricing factor.

Q: Are Tulasi Laptops Good?

Answer: Yes, but it depends as Tulasi Laptops are pocket friendly in its price point Tulasi Laptops are good.